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Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

Sterilization of single-use medical equipment

The terrible earthquake of april 2015 has stopped our sterilization project (disposables operating towels, gowns, dressing sets,…) for more than a year; our priorities being obviously elsewhere.

This project of creating a business to supply sets of disposables for single use to the Mobile Hospital was initiated three years ago with the construction of a building to house a sterilizer, a production room, conditioning, packaging etc… The installation and fine tuning of the machines were completed just a few days before the earthquake…

This summer, 2016, we began work again, starting with the production of operating towels, gowns, and dressing sets. The next stage is the conditioning and packaging of all these single use sets and finally their sterilization.

We have approached several hospitals in the Kathmandu valley and other health centres to begin the sales process. Indeed, the aim of this project is not only to supply the Mobile Hospital with disposable operating sets, but also to generate a profit. Such profits would permit the organisation of mobile camps without recourse to international aid. Nonetheless we will need several years before we will generate enough profits for this.