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Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

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24 April 2015 - Last camps

I got back from Nepal 2 days ago. This season , spring 2015, we have managed to hold 3 orthopaedic surgery camp^s. these took p^lace between 15 March and 19 April. This year, the Nepali Spring saw unusually changeable weather. Rain and storms have been much more fréquent this year. The température is below the seasonal average and the snow linee is below 4000 meters.

22- 30 March 2015 Camp in RUKKUM

Our last camp in Rukkum (Western Region) which ended in December 2014, did not allow us to operate on all the patients who presented.  We asked them to keep their ears open for our return in the spring of 2005. The announcement of the camp on the local radio gave advance warning and there were many people present on the first day. During this 5 day camp we saw 387 patients in consultation, 116 benefitted from radiographic examination, and 57 patients were operated on.  40 patients received other types of orthopaedic treatment.

4-8 April 2015 Camp in PHAPLU

Phaplu in the Slolukhumbu was our eighth camp. The first one was organised there in 2005 when I was working in the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital in Kathmandu. Since then, there has been  a doctor working permanently and on a permanent basis in Phaplu.  The patients to be operated on are thus more or less already selected and their pathology better targeted. Being relatively easy to get to by smlall plane, we  ran a Small camp there (2days). We opertaed on 15 patients (all relatively major opérations) and treated 193 patients in consultation. The presence of a well-motivated doctor on the spot allowed a more attentive post-operative follow-up.

10-17 April in BAITADI

Baitadi is located in the far West of Nepal, along the Indian frontier.  It is accessible by a Small road (1000 km from Kathmandu), but because it is so far few patients from the région are able to ‘go up to town’’ to be treated.  Two and a half days are required to get thgere by car.  We saw more than 300 patients in consultation and operated on 54 patients.  22 patients benefitted from other types of orthopaedic traetment and 87 benefitted from radiographic examination.

21 April 2015

Two Chinese engineers arrived in Kathmandu to install our 5m2 Ethylene Oxide stériliser.  A 40 foot container arrived in February with all the material (Rolls of operating paper, compresse...).  We should therefore be ready very soon to start producing sets of sterile pads, operating sets etc...