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Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends,


As the omicron variant appears and spreads in Europe and the world, Nepal has at last found a more stable situation as far as the pandemic is concerned, but until when…? The vaccines are at last more widely accessible and the number of doses sent by donor countries is increasing all the time.

The last two years have been so unstable health-wise that we have been unable to be present on the ground and run our mobiles and surgical camps in the remote areas, as we had been in the habit of doing for over the past ten years.

In the course of these last two years, the Nepal Mountain Mobile Hospital has been committed to helping financially the most deprived who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic but also by financing this year the acquisition of respiratory assistance equipment for the Maternity Centre at Phaplu in the Solukhumbu. They have been useful in treating patients with Covid and who had severe respiratory problems.

After nine months of complete "lockdown" in 2020-2021, the country reopened its doors to foreigners last September, even if there are very few visitors as things stand today. Tourism is, let us not forget, an essential sector for the country's economy.

This autumn, we have managed to run two mobile camps: the first in Bajura district, and the second in the Phaplu Maternity Centre. As always, numerous patients turned up  and were able to receive treatment.

The pandemic will very probably force us to adapt our projects and our actions in the coming months and years. We will only be able to take decisions on these as things evolve.

We once again thank you very warmly for the help you have already given us. In this way you really remain an essential part of our projects.

Allow me once more to appeal to your generosity so that the Mobile Hospital can continue its activities in 2022, and do not hesitate to visit our website if you would like more details and photos of our activities.

We wish you and Happy Christmas and a Happy and Excellent New Year in 2022.

Pierre SOETE


The inauguration of the Phaplu Maternity Centre took place on 14 April 2018. So the great project of the Nepal Mountain Hospital, linked to the earthquake, is completed.

Thank you

Learn more about the inauguration



December 14th 2021

Since the end of 2019, we have been unable to organise mobile camps. Nonetheless, we have been able to help financially the most deprived who lost their jobs and in a precarious situation.

Nepal and the coronavirus

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